About Us

Welcome to the SaberTheory marketplace! 

The best place in the galaxy to buy and sell a saber. 

Why us?

Warranty & Support

We offer a 3 month warranty on all sabers sold via our marketplace! (Thats just unheard of in this space). Doesn't matter if the saber is originally from SaberTheory or another saber brand. We got you. We also offer 24/7 support to anyone who bought a saber on our marketplace, we will always have your back. (Additional warranty can be purchased aswell)


Buying and selling second-hand lightsaber can be tricky sometimes... Thats why we offer full protection for the buyer and the seller. All payments are protected on both ends. Meaning: The seller will only receive their money when the buyer verifies the saber is in the stated condition and received. We will also protect the seller by verifying all the information the buyer supplies, meaning there is no way a sold saber will cause issues on both ends. 

Large community 

Your saber listing will get released to a community of over 2000 saber enthusiasts. This is the best place in the galaxy to get your saber sold.